Sustainability. Investing in the future.

Do you want to invest sustainably? 

We review the business model of each of your investments from the perspective of sustainability and highlight the opportunities and risks. We do not follow abstract guidelines, but permit ourselves the luxury of an opinion.

The Gutmann sustainability approach.

All Sustainability principles are fully integrated into Gutmann's investment process. ESG analysis is a fixed component and follows clear established rules. Investments are carried out in accordance with our sustainability criteria.

Stock selection is supported by a combination of exclusion criteria and the best-in-class approach. The sustainability of issuers is analyzed and evaluated using a comprehensive catalog of ESG criteria. 

The “Triple A” of Sustainable Investing.

  • Exclude

    Exclusion criteria are norm-based and value-based

  • Select

    Best-in-class-approach: companies that deliver the best sustainability performance in their sector

  • Address

    Engagement and voting rights. Actively and directly influencing the behavior of companies

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